AFURI ramen + dumpling

In November 2001, AFURI’s flagship location was established at the foot of Mount Afuri in Japan, an area known for the exceptional quality of its water. From the start, AFURI’s signature ramen dish has relied on this water to produce the superior quality and flavor of our dishes. In 2016, AFURI opened its first restaurant outside of Japan in Portland, Oregon after discovering that the geography of Mount Hood produced water with similar characteristics to Mount Afuri. Our U.S. locations use this water, coupled with high-quality local ingredients, and the same techniques employed in our central kitchen in Japan, to produce our famous ramen broth and other authentic dishes. But, AFURI offers more than just exceptional food. Our mission is to “make the world better through ramen”, and we are committed to using our love of Japanese cuisine to share culture and build community. This ranges from providing a place for people to experience a meaningful and traditional Japanese meal, to showcasing our passion for the craft of food making, and doing our part to contribute to the enrichment of the communities where we live and work.

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